June, 2009

Jun 09

Why we chose the name Ada

1. It sounds good when you call it across the yard.


2. It’s only three letters long so it easily fits on a name tag.


Excerpt from 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin Henkes, a fantastic book.

3. It’s the name of one of Dan’s favorite songs.

4. It’s an alternative spelling for Adah, the name of a great character in one of Tessa’s favorite books.


Four sisters growing up as missionaries in the Congo...

5. It’s the name the first computer programmer (thanks Craig).

Turns out the first 'computer programmer' was a lady!

6. Etc.

And it’s not too different from ‘Sadie’ which is what she’s been called for the last 14 weeks.

Jun 09

First Date

We think this might be a picture of the soon-to-be-ours puppy.  If not it looks a lot like her!

This is a photo of the soon-to-be-ours puppy!!

We had our first date to meet a puppy yesterday at Colina Havanese. After a Puppy Questionnaire and a few emails back and forth, Kristine (the breeder/matchmaker), thought that their little 13-week old cream and white female would be a good fit for us, so we set up a time to drive out to her house on Tuesday to meet her and the pup (and the whole Colina Havanese pack).

And, as expected, the puppy was perfect – soft and sweet, playful and curious.  She’s also the submissive pup (runt?) in her litter, constantly being tackled and chewed on by her bigger brothers. Kristine thinks we’ll be great for her since we don’t have other pets. And we think she’ll be great for us because she’ll be gentle and submissive with all the new people and dogs she meets at work.

Now all we have left is some paperwork, some shopping, some reading, and then she’ll be delivered to us next week. (Kristine likes to deliver new puppies so that she can help puppy-proof the house.)

I can hardly believe that in one week we’ll have a puppy!

Jun 09

Doggy Bloggy!

A great read if you are thinking about getting a dog.

We’re finally ready to get a puppy.

After filling out numerous Puppy Questionaires — with such questions as “For how long have you researched on the Havanese breed?” and “How do you imagine a dog fitting into your lifestyle?” and “What do you feed your dogs?” — we’re now arranging for our first meet-and-greet, and I can’t help but feel like we’re courting.

Most of the breeders are also very clear that they hope you’ll stay in touch.  They want to know how their pup is doing and even hope you’ll come back and visit someday.  So we decided it would be fun to start a blog that’s all about the pup; making it easy to stay in touch and keeping all our puppy-craziness confined to one place on the internet.  Obviously the internet can’t have too many sites dedicated to cute animals.

OMG, in a few weeks we could have our very own puppy! PUPPY!