Jun 09

Why we chose the name Ada

1. It sounds good when you call it across the yard.


2. It’s only three letters long so it easily fits on a name tag.


Excerpt from 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin Henkes, a fantastic book.

3. It’s the name of one of Dan’s favorite songs.

4. It’s an alternative spelling for Adah, the name of a great character in one of Tessa’s favorite books.


Four sisters growing up as missionaries in the Congo...

5. It’s the name the first computer programmer (thanks Craig).

Turns out the first 'computer programmer' was a lady!

6. Etc.

And it’s not too different from ‘Sadie’ which is what she’s been called for the last 14 weeks.

-- Tessa


  1. She moves in on Wednesday!

  2. Ooooo! Ada has always been at the top of my girl baby names list, mostly for five, but reinforced by reasons three and four.

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