Jul 09

You say “calm”, I say “lazy”

Ada is a very calm dog.  I’m very tempted to say she’s lazy but it might be nicer (more accurate?) to say that she does things at her own pace.  Not that she doesn’t periodically go nutso with bursts of energy, but she passes most of her time in some state of sleep or rest.


It doesn’t help that she’s also not very motivated by food.  Last Saturday at Sirius Puppy School, we practiced “Come!” by waving around a treat from about 10 feet away.  The other puppies (Romulus, an Australian Shepherd, and Maya, a Labradoodle) sprang across the divide to gobble down the treat.  Our Ada sauntered a few steps, stretched, walked a few more paces, looked around, finally sat next to Dan, and then ate the treat.  We’re starting to think that she’s more motivated by affection than treats. Awww :)

-- Tessa

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