Jul 09

New Toy

Both Dan and I felt like Ada was seeming bored at work so we decided to get her a new chewtoy.

She sort of likes her Kong when it’s stuffed with treats, but rather than chew on it to get the treats out, she just licks at them for a few minutes and then moves on to chewing on something else. We wanted to get a toy that’s a little easier, so we took her to the chewtoy section of Petsmart to see what she likes. We ended up getting some nylabones, a red Hol-ee Roller ball (because she can carry it easily), a flavored tug-of-war rope (so we can teach her not to play tug-of-war with everything else), and some new treats.

The Perfect Chewtoy

The perfect toy didn’t emerge until we got home with everything and realized that the new treats (chicken chips) are just barely bigger than the holes in the Hol-ee Roller – a perfect pry-the-treat-out-of-the-chewtoy challenge! Success was almost instant. The new toy is rolly and rubbery and carryable. The new treats are novel and exciting.

I only worry that it is a little too frustrating (she huffs and puffs constantly with this thing). She has managed to get one treat out on her own (and we’ve pried out a few out of mercy), so maybe it’s a good level of frustration/interest?  I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Ada wrestles with her Holee Roller.

Update: After about an hour with the new toy she started ripping at the fabric of her bed and whining.  So I put the new toy on my desk to give her a break. Ten minutes later she’s fast asleep.  New toy too frustrating?

-- Tessa

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