July, 2009

Jul 09


Ada on white

End result

This evening I dug out our white, un-ironed table cloth, and fashioned a make-do seamless background on our dining table. I set up my umbrellas and lights, and plonked Ada in the middle. She didn’t seem to mind at all.  Especially since she recieved a nice supply of dried duck treats and praise in exchange for being patient.

Tessa's favorite

High School year book

High School year book

Behind the scenes width=

Behind the scenes

More photos available here.

Jul 09

Pet Dogs on SF Muni, BART, Caltrain

Pet dogs are not allowed Caltrain, however both San Francisco Muni and BART allow pet dogs to ride with a few restrictions.

Snoozer TotePet dogs on BART:

  • must be in a container (or bag?)

Pet dogs on SF Muni:

  • cannot ride during rushhour (weekdays 5-9 am and 3-7 pm)
  • must be muzzled and leashed
  • require fair equal to the owner’s ($2)

I’ve never seen anyone pay fair for a dog or be turned away during rushhour, but it’s probably not worth the risk.

I’ve started feeling really annoyed by all the rules about where dogs can and cannot go.  I feel like most rules were designed to control large aggressive dogs so the rules just seem silly when applied to Ada.  A muzzle?  Seriously?

Jul 09

Grass Stained Paws

When white puppies play in freshly cut grass…

Grass Stained Paw

Jul 09

“Working” Dog

Both Dan and I are allowed to bring dogs to work and since we work across the street from each other, taking care of Ada during the work day is really easy.  So far, she’s been pretty good too. Mostly she’s just been chilling under my desk, waiting for the next time we go for a romp in the park next door.

Under My Desk

The only trouble is that she keeps trying to lay right under my wheely chair and I’m afraid I’ll accidentally roll over one of her fuzzy little apricot ears!

Ada at Work

A little break from work to kill the giraffe again.

Jul 09


On Sunday night we gave Ada a bath as preparation for her first day at work.  She did not love the bath so we gave her lots of treats as bribery. Note her skinny little body, skinny little head, and enormo feet!

Good Girl
Get me outta this bath!
Skinny Little Pup

After the bath and treats I think she had an energy surge; she went a little nutso. Note how she keeps sitting like a good pup hoping we’ll give her more treats, and how she flails all clumsy-puppy trying to “kill” her giraffe squeaky toy.

After The Bath Part 1: Running Back And Forth

After The Bath Part 2: Killing The Giraffe

OMG, so cute!

Jul 09

A day at the beach

On Fourth of July we took Ada to Fort Funston, a big long beach in San Francisco where dogs are allowed off-leash.

We met some friends and drank a few beers and ate a few sausages.  Ada dug around in the sand and then ate some of it.  We went home tired and happy.  What a great holiday!

While the guys were out swimming...

While the guys were out swimming...

...the girls relaxed on the beach.

Jul 09

Cuddle Pup

Cuddle Pup

Cuddle-napping is one of our favorite things.

Jul 09

What did you just eat?

Ada likes to explore new things by tasting them.  I guess it’s a dog thing.  At the beach she ate the sand; at the park she ate the grass; and on the balcony, when I’m hoping she will decide to pee on the Wee Wee Pad, she eats the dirt in my container garden.


Ada, why do you look so guilty?

Dirty Face

Did you just eat dirt?!?

Jul 09

Ada vs. Hair Brush

Pouncy little fluffy pup

Jul 09

Puppy in the park


Happy dog, likes to sit on laps.

We were lucky enough to get Friday off for the 4th of July weekend; something weird to do with the American’s not getting on well with the British or something… who knows :P


San Francisco wind and puppy hair are sometimes problematic.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon in Dolores Park with a group of friends; filling in cross words, slack lining, doing hand stands, and just chilling in the sun while a DJ played tunes across the park.

This was Ada’s first time in a park with a lot of other dogs.  All the ones she met were super calm and nice, but she was very warey of them, turning the otherway or hiding behind one of her human compatriots.

Most of the time she simply lay on laps, breaking occasionally to eat treats or chase Tessa around in circles.

After just two days in the city she’s getting much better at walking on leash. She still gets distracted by people, cars and all the different smells, but seems to enjoy trotting along and doesn’t get over whelmed at all.