August, 2009

Aug 09


[More recovered photos and videos.]

Ada is ridiculously curious and it can be really fun trying to see the world through her eyes.

Here she watches Dan set up this shot; moments later scampering over to investigate properly.

What is he up to?

And here is an endearing little “sniff, sniff” of the camera from earlier that day.

Sigh. I miss my puppy. Just one more sleep until we pick her up!

Aug 09

Hi Puppy!

A few weeks ago I mistakenly ran my pocket-size camera through the washing machine (I blame puppy-induced sleep deprivation). Unsurprisingly the camera did not survive. Luckily, Dan was able to recover the photos and videos from the data card.

Since we’ll be away for about a week more (and thus no new Ada footage), here’s a rescued video of a crazy Ada greeting (pre-haircut).

Aug 09

Cutest Dog

If you read this blog then you probably already know that Ada is the cutest dog. But the whole world may not know yet so we’ve entered her in the Cutest Dog Competition.

Ada's page in the Cutest Dog Competition

Please vote for Ada!

P.S. If you see “You can vote once per day. Come back tomorrow!” instead of a Vote button, it’s because someone at your IP (maybe someone at your work?) has already voted. So try voting from your smartphone/pda or your home computer.

P.P.S If Ada wins (however unlikely) we’ll donate the winnings to the SPCA.

Aug 09

Ada and Peanut

We haven’t seen Ada play with other dogs like this.

Ada’s breeders were at this week’s Havanese meetup. They brought Dexter, Ada’s brother, and Peanut, who was born 3-days before from a different mother. Dexter wasn’t very sociable, but Ada and Peanut got on like a house-on-fire.

We’re leaving for England on Thursday and Ada’s staying with the breeders. After seeing Ada and Peanut play, Tessa’s feeling much more comfortable with leaving her little pup.

Aug 09

Exposed Feet

Ada does not like to lay with her feet under her body.

I present you with the evidence (in chronological order):

Flat Dog

5 July 2009 13:37

Flat Dog

7 July 2009 12:54

Ada + Holee Roller

2 August 2009 15:39

Doggy Splits

7 August 2009 22:10

But really who is suffering because of this crime? ┬áIf I had feet that cute I’d be showing them off all the time too!

Aug 09

No one naps like Ada naps

Sleeping Cap Ada

A perfect fit.

No one naps like Ada naps

Ada got into this position all on her own.

Aug 09

Puppy Teeth

Puppies, just like humans, get two sets of teeth during their life. The second set comes in when they are about 5 month old. Ada is nearly 5-months old. In the last week she has lost about 8 teeth, all in front.

Sleepy Tongue

I haven’t been surprised that all these teeth coming in and out makes her want to chew on EVERYTHING. (Lucky for us, her favorites are inexpensive disposable plastic bottles, berry containers, etc.) But it cracks me up that she’s always got her tongue sticking out! I guess there just aren’t any teeth there to hold it in :P


Aug 09

New Hairdo

Today we took Ada to get a fancypants haircut (plus mani-pedi and inner ear hair pluck) at Critter Clipper. Not only are the doggy-stylists very talented, they are also very sweet and take really good care of the pups.

My first reaction to Ada’s new hairdo? EYES! Ada has eyes! Sweet little gimme-another-treat puppydog eyes! Ok Ada, just one more treat for being cute.

We’re still getting used to her new ‘do. Her hair is even softer than before (no, I didn’t think that was possible) and she looks so much smaller. I guess she looks more like a dog now and less like a polar bear (and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad). But I imagine she must be happy to see more clearly. I know I’ll be happy to spend less time picking sticks and grass and burrs out of her hair.

Aug 09

Puppy Pile

In a blitz to tidy up, sometimes we pile all the throw pillows in one corner of the couch…

Where's Ada?

...much to Ada's pleasure.

Puppy Pile

It's really nice that she matches the decor.

Aug 09

Running in circles

Ada’s first outing to Ocean Beach a couple of weekends ago.