Aug 09

What’s in a name?

If we decide to register Ada with the American Kennel Club then we have to chose a long unique, and often silly, name.


"Top Producer in the US for the year 2004!"

Ada's Grandpa Pan was the Fabio of Havanese.

The only requirements are that it start with “Colina’s” and be no more than 36 characters. Here are a few we’ve thought up:

  • Colina’s Princess Ada Banana
  • Colina’s Itty Bitty Polar Bear
  • Colina’s Lazy Little Lump
  • Colina’s Se├▒orita Pantalones Vellosos (too long, but means roughly Little Miss Fluffy Pants)


-- Tessa


  1. Elizabeth & Lewis

    How about

    Colina’s You Can Get

  2. We are the new owners of Moose, one of Ada’s litter mates and were inspired by your blog to write one also!

    We like Princess Ada Banana for her name.

  3. Elizabeth & Lewis: Very clever :) it took us quite a while to get that one.

  4. We have two granddaughters, but Ada is our very first granddog. So, I have a few suggestions for her name:

    The first thought was
    Colina’s Saucy MarmalAda.

    But then, there’s
    Colina’s Wee Ada Meringue – or perhaps Ada Marshmallow.

    Of course, there’s a certain appeal to
    Colina’s Wee Hava Marshmallow (or Meringue).

    But I think my final selection will have to be
    Colina’s Wee MacPup Ada Macaroon.

    It’s got the Mac, the Pup (Dan – can we say “pup” on this, or do you prefer “Pyoop”?), the Wee and oon (from her grampa Pan) and of course the macaroon – fluffy white with toasty bits.

    PS – Grandad says “Wee” is spelled “Wii”.

  5. Oh wait – maybe

    Colina’s Princess Ada MacPuparoon…

  6. Hi,

    Actually I had a few questions about Colina Havanese. It would be great if you can mail me.



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