Aug 09

New Hairdo

Today we took Ada to get a fancypants haircut (plus mani-pedi and inner ear hair pluck) at Critter Clipper. Not only are the doggy-stylists very talented, they are also very sweet and take really good care of the pups.

My first reaction to Ada’s new hairdo? EYES! Ada has eyes! Sweet little gimme-another-treat puppydog eyes! Ok Ada, just one more treat for being cute.

We’re still getting used to her new ‘do. Her hair is even softer than before (no, I didn’t think that was possible) and she looks so much smaller. I guess she looks more like a dog now and less like a polar bear (and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad). But I imagine she must be happy to see more clearly. I know I’ll be happy to spend less time picking sticks and grass and burrs out of her hair.

-- Tessa


  1. how can a dog get a manicure? it doesn’t have any hands!!

  2. Yeah, I suppose it should be called a pedi-pedi :P

  3. Ada's senior relative

    The eye’s have it!!

  4. Ada is ADORABLE! Havanese are great
    Check out the Havanese book— Nose to Tail

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