August, 2009

Aug 09

Havanese Meetup

Thanks to the Havanese Flickr Pool we found out about a Havanese Meetup that happens every Sunday in San Francisco. This week we met at Ocean Beach and there was a great turn out — about 15 Havanese in a full range of colors, sizes, and ages (though Ada was the youngest).

So many fluffy doggies!

So many fluffy doggies!

It was really fun to see Ada prance around and play with all the other dogs. The Havanese have a unique low key but bouncy temperament and Ada really looked much more comfortable and confident with this group than she has with other dogs (who either ignore her or overwhelm her).

Ada is front center stiffing (hopefully not eating) sand.

Ada (front center) stiffing, hopefully not eating, a sand dollar.


The humans were also really nice - offering advise and reminiscing about when their dogs were puppies.

Although Ada needed a serious bath afterward, I think this meetup will be a regular event for us. So fun!

Aug 09

What’s in a name?

If we decide to register Ada with the American Kennel Club then we have to chose a long unique, and often silly, name.


"Top Producer in the US for the year 2004!"

Ada's Grandpa Pan was the Fabio of Havanese.

The only requirements are that it start with “Colina’s” and be no more than 36 characters. Here are a few we’ve thought up:

  • Colina’s Princess Ada Banana
  • Colina’s Itty Bitty Polar Bear
  • Colina’s Lazy Little Lump
  • Colina’s Señorita Pantalones Vellosos (too long, but means roughly Little Miss Fluffy Pants)