September, 2009

Sep 09

Queen of Spayed

We took Ada to get spayed yesterday at All Pets Hospital. She spent the night, then Tessa went to pick her up this morning.  After an “exciting” reunion–you can ask Tessa for the full story–she spent most of the day resting, though not entirely comfortable with her cone/cape and her recently closed wound.

Like I tend to do when I’m ill, Ada will forget she’s not at 100%, run off to play with a toy, and then flop down half-way in exhaustion.  She’ll be back to normal soon, but will have to endure the cone for two more weeks.

Cone-head / caped pup

Cone-head / caped pup

Post Op - Ovio-hysterectomy incision

Post op Ovario-hysterectomy incision

Tired, worn-out, and stoned on pain killers

Tired, worn-out, and slightly stoned on pain killers

Sep 09

Destructo Pup

Ada hates toilet paper.

Ada and the Loo Roll

Or maybe she loves it.

The Artist and Her Work

She certainly loves to destroy it.

Sep 09

Hiker Pup

Today Ada and I hiked the Wolf Ridge Loop in the Marin Headlands. At 4.3 miles, it’s a pretty long hike for her, so I ended up carrying her about half the time and stopping often for water and treat breaks. I highly recommend it for a short dog-hike because:

  1. dogs can be off leash for the whole loop,
  2. the trails are wide and often paved (if your dog tends to get debris in her hair), and
  3. it’s sunny but not too hot because of the cool wind off the ocean.

As recommended in the Bay Area Hiker guide, we stopped for lunch at the high point where Wolf Ridge Trail meet the Costal Trail and I snapped this photo.

Hiker Pup

Windblown Ada with the Tennessee Valley in the background.

It took a lot of combing and a lot of soap to get all that dirt and debris out of her fur. And she still has brown feet.