November, 2009

Nov 09


Ada is a bit picky and did not find anything she liked.

Ada's a bit picky and didn't find anything she liked. Click through for the larger version.

Nov 09

Still Here?

We are, and so is Ada.  Just not posting as much because there are fewer new things to post about.

Ada’s still chewing on things.

Adas still chewing on things


Tessa’s still carrying her around…



… and making her do silly things.



We take her to the beach every Sunday…



…where she hangs out with other fluffy dogs.


Dogs or Teddy Bears?

Nov 09

Happy Halloween!

I think Dan described this best (here):

“Tessa thought her last year’s costume was so successful, she made one for all three of us this year.”

But Ada seemed to like my costume much more than her own.

Ada approves of the Tessasaurus costumeAda does not approve of the Adasaurus costume

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