April, 2010

Apr 10

Bouncing Pups

Ada and I happened upon a fluffy pup tied up just outside the gym at work.

Much bouncing ensued.

Apr 10

The “Inconveniences” of Dog Ownership

When you first get a pet dog, your life will go through some big changes.

With everything you do, you have to figure out what you’re going to do with the dog. Leave her at home? Take her to a sitter?  Bring her with?  Is she even allowed at this event?

Couch Pup

Ada at home.

And then you also end up thinking about what your dog needs. Does she need to eat?  Does she need to pee?  Does she need some exercise, socialization, education?

At Puppy School

Ada at puppy school.

No doubt, it’s a big life change.  (My mom jokes that “it’s good training” because I guess this is a lot like parenthood, but about 10 times easier.)  We go to parks and beaches every weekend.  We rarely eat in restaurants.  And on the rare evening that we do “go out”, we only stay out for a few hours.


Ada on a walk.

We also eat lunch outside almost everyday (which in my opinion is hardly an inconvenience).


Ada at lunch in the park across the street from my office.

All in all, I think Ada has just encouraged us to live a more active outdoorsy life.  And I think we’re better and happier because of it.

Apr 10

Venus Pup

The other night we were all lounging on the couch, probably watching TV or playing a game. When I noticed Ada in this pose, I quickly snapped a crappy photo on my iphone before cracking up (and causing her to rearrange).

Venus Pup

Ada imitates the Venus of Urbino.

Our pup has no idea how renaissance-sexy she is.

Apr 10

Ada Smells Horses!

On a recent trip to the beach, I spotted some horses in the distance.  Ada didn’t see them but when she caught the scent on their foot prints she went nuts!