February, 2012

Feb 12

Why did my monitor just turn off?

Not a good idea to put the dog bed so close to the surge protector.

Feb 12


I just bought a new bag that will allow me to safely carry Ada on my bicycle: the Muttmover Backpack by Timbuk2.

Ada is just a bit too long to lay down...


...but she can sit comfortably with her head poking out.


The pack feels really secure so we tried riding in a nearby park.


I plan to practice a bit more so we’re both really used to it before I ride with her in traffic. But I am so excited to someday take her on a ride to Ocean Beach!

Feb 12

New Couches: Pup Approved

It’s no secret that Ada was very fond of our old couch.

So when we recently replaced it, ...

... we were curious how she would adjust to the change.

I think it safe to say she's adjusted just fine.

In fact, you might say she's (literally) quite attached.

Feb 12

Little Beggar

If only she knew it was just a salad.