at work

Nov 12

On Monday Ada met New York Times writer and statistician Nate Silver.

He asked if she was the team mascot.


Nov 12


A squatter has taken over @jhebert 's desk during his vacation. Unfortunately the code she writes is truly unintelligible. #macpup

Apr 12

Troll Under My Desk

Ada’s new napping spot:

Under the footstool at my desk.

Who's that tripping over my bridge?*

* see Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Feb 12

Why did my monitor just turn off?

Not a good idea to put the dog bed so close to the surge protector.

Dec 11

Formal Friday

In honor of Formal Friday, Ada is wearing a bow tie from UsagiTeam.

I think the bow tie really suits her style.

Dressed to impress.

I think it makes her look at least 20% smarter.

Nov 11

A Dog Bed with a View

I recently moved to a new location at work so Ada has a new spot to lounge all day.

Ada lounging under my new desk.

It looks like a pretty comfy spot.

Ada on her fluffy yellow pillow - thanks Ojan and Julie!

It even has a pretty nice view:

Ada's view of Rincon Park on San Francisco Bay.

But to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure she really appreciates it. ¬†Mostly she just sleeps.


And tries to convince me to give her treats.

Mind-control pup will you to give her treats.

Jul 11

Chin Rest

Ada is always finding things to rest her chin on. Furniture, pillows, human arms and legs.

This little Android pillow...


...was a particularly perfect fit.


Jul 11

A Gorilla and a Puppy

You remember the book Koko’s Kitten, right?

Well, this story is similar.

Jul 11


I got an incredible deal on a giant bag of “happy cow” beef liver dog treats from Prather Ranch (they have great standards for humane farm animal care and they make delicious jerky).

As you can see I am not the only one who's excited about this purchase.

Ada can't wait to dig in!


Jun 11

Soggy Pup

Unlike other rainy days, today I decided to brave the rain and walk to work.

Ada was not too fond of the rain -

not when it dripped off her nose

and especially not when I made her pose for the camera.

Fortunately my office is nice and cozy.