at work

Jun 11


Ada has a new friend at work.


Muppet, the poodle with an awesome pink mohawk.


I can’t help but wonder how Ada would look with a similar dye-job.

May 11

Rainy Day Pup

It’s cold and rainy today so I decided to work from home rather walk 30 minutes to the office.

Working From Home

Ada did NOT do a very good job encouraging me to get off the couch.


So cuddly.


So warm.

Working From Home

Let's just stay here all day.


May 11

Pea Pup

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk munching on some fresh sugar snap peas, when I looked down to see a curious pup staring up at me.

Turns out Ada likes peas (but not the pods).

Apr 11

The Bean Bag

Ada love bean bags.  She loves to pounce in them and roll in them and lounge in them.

If she spots a bean bag across the room, she will yank to the extent of hear leash and pull sled-dog-style toward it. Some kind people who work down the hall gave Ada their bean bag so now it’s in my office and she can play bean bag whenever she wants.

We finally have managed to capture a clip of this silly behavior thanks to Rebecca‘s quick camera skills.

Sep 10

Spy Pup

Spy Pup

Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Sep 10

At the Office

I think Ada likes my new office.

At Work

It's got lots of places to curl up.

People Watching

And the people watching is fantastic.



Apr 10

Bouncing Pups

Ada and I happened upon a fluffy pup tied up just outside the gym at work.

Much bouncing ensued.

Apr 10

The “Inconveniences” of Dog Ownership

When you first get a pet dog, your life will go through some big changes.

With everything you do, you have to figure out what you’re going to do with the dog. Leave her at home? Take her to a sitter?  Bring her with?  Is she even allowed at this event?

Couch Pup

Ada at home.

And then you also end up thinking about what your dog needs. Does she need to eat?  Does she need to pee?  Does she need some exercise, socialization, education?

At Puppy School

Ada at puppy school.

No doubt, it’s a big life change.  (My mom jokes that “it’s good training” because I guess this is a lot like parenthood, but about 10 times easier.)  We go to parks and beaches every weekend.  We rarely eat in restaurants.  And on the rare evening that we do “go out”, we only stay out for a few hours.


Ada on a walk.

We also eat lunch outside almost everyday (which in my opinion is hardly an inconvenience).


Ada at lunch in the park across the street from my office.

All in all, I think Ada has just encouraged us to live a more active outdoorsy life.  And I think we’re better and happier because of it.

Feb 10

Test 2

Another Buzz test, faked to be from Tessa.

In the bean bag

Feb 10

Furry Slug

Look at the like a giant furry slug that crawled into my office this evening!

Furry Slug

Figure 1: Slugimus Furrius

I hope it doesn’t eat up my violets.