Feb 12

Little Beggar

If only she knew it was just a salad.

Jul 11


I got an incredible deal on a giant bag of “happy cow” beef liver dog treats from Prather Ranch (they have great standards for humane farm animal care and they make delicious jerky).

As you can see I am not the only one who's excited about this purchase.

Ada can't wait to dig in!


May 11

Pea Pup

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk munching on some fresh sugar snap peas, when I looked down to see a curious pup staring up at me.

Turns out Ada likes peas (but not the pods).

Feb 10

Cherry Blossoms

Today, while out on a lovely spring walk, Ada looked up at me with this face:

Cherry Blossoms

Looks like someone's been sniffing (chomping?) the cherry blossoms.

Jan 10

Peanut Butter Tongue

Jan 10

Eat Your Veggies

I’ve been eating vegan for the last few months so instead of occasional cheese and chicken treats, Ada has been getting to taste lots of different veggies.

Ada Tries Pumpkin Puree

Tasting pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Puree Beard

I think more of it ended up in her beard than in her tummy.

Turns out she didn’t care much for the pumpkin after this tasting. But she does consistently love little bits of carrot.