Dec 11

Ada After Dentist

Today Ada had her teeth cleaned at the vet.

Although it’s not surgery and she didn’t need any teeth extracted, it’s a pretty big deal because they use anethesia. Fortunately it went really well.  There were no complications and now her breath smells great!

But she's still a pretty worn out from the anesthesia.

And she has a cute little shaved spot on her paw from the IV site.

(I think she feels quite a bit better than David After Dentist.)

May 10


Remember that movie?  You know, the one that was really popular with kids in the 80′s.  Not Flight of the Navigator, the other one.  The one with the awesome flying dog!


Ok, maybe Falkor wasn’t really a dog, but a luckdragon that looked a lot like a dog and enjoyed ear scratches.  But that’s not the point.

The point is that Ada’s new haircut makes her look just like Falkor.


See the resemblance?

About half a dozen strangers have stopped me to let me know how much my dog looks like “that awesome flying dog in that kids movie from the 80′s, what was is called again?  Oh yes, The Neverending Story.  Man, I loved that movie.  Might have to watch it again soon.”

May 10

Before and After

Is this the same dog?

May 10

Doggy Fros

I’m taking Ada to the groomer in a few minutes.

Hopefully she doesn't come back looking like this.

Oct 09

Mucky Pup!

Ada has been hiking with us before.  And while she has got pretty messy in the past–rolling around in leaves and what-not–I don’t think either of us fully anticipated her reaction to walking in the forests of Northern Washington.

It was quite damp in the forest and raining intermittently.  This meant that Ada quickly became rather bedraggled.  For some reason, unbeknownst to us, she would stop every 100m or so and either lie down or roll her face in the floor.  This in turn caused her hair to become full of sticks and leaves, which would make her roll around more as she tried to get them off her.  Not the smartest of pups, it would seem.

Click through to view it large

1. Lie down or roll.
2. Pick out the big bits.
3. Keep on picking.
4. Try again.

Needless to say, we cut the walk short.  But by the end of it we managed to keep her walking straight by giving her with treats every 30-seconds or so.

Aug 09

New Hairdo

Today we took Ada to get a fancypants haircut (plus mani-pedi and inner ear hair pluck) at Critter Clipper. Not only are the doggy-stylists very talented, they are also very sweet and take really good care of the pups.

My first reaction to Ada’s new hairdo? EYES! Ada has eyes! Sweet little gimme-another-treat puppydog eyes! Ok Ada, just one more treat for being cute.

We’re still getting used to her new ‘do. Her hair is even softer than before (no, I didn’t think that was possible) and she looks so much smaller. I guess she looks more like a dog now and less like a polar bear (and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad). But I imagine she must be happy to see more clearly. I know I’ll be happy to spend less time picking sticks and grass and burrs out of her hair.

Jul 09

Needs a Haircut?

When we first got Ada, we laughed about how her hair covered her eyes so she probably couldn’t see very well.  Rather than cut her hair, we decided we’d let it grow thinking it would eventually fall down below her eyes. Almost a month later and I’d say the hair situation has only gotten worse.

Needs a Haircut?

I should probably take her to a groomer to get a haircut, but I love the fluffy!

Jul 09


On Sunday night we gave Ada a bath as preparation for her first day at work.  She did not love the bath so we gave her lots of treats as bribery. Note her skinny little body, skinny little head, and enormo feet!

Good Girl
Get me outta this bath!
Skinny Little Pup

After the bath and treats I think she had an energy surge; she went a little nutso. Note how she keeps sitting like a good pup hoping we’ll give her more treats, and how she flails all clumsy-puppy trying to “kill” her giraffe squeaky toy.

After The Bath Part 1: Running Back And Forth

After The Bath Part 2: Killing The Giraffe

OMG, so cute!

Jul 09

Ada vs. Hair Brush

Pouncy little fluffy pup