Feb 12


I just bought a new bag that will allow me to safely carry Ada on my bicycle: the Muttmover Backpack by Timbuk2.

Ada is just a bit too long to lay down...


...but she can sit comfortably with her head poking out.


The pack feels really secure so we tried riding in a nearby park.


I plan to practice a bit more so we’re both really used to it before I ride with her in traffic. But I am so excited to someday take her on a ride to Ocean Beach!

Sep 10


I like to cook.  Ada doesn’t like kibble.


And here we have pupcake.

Yes, I know I’m spoiling her.  But it actually costs less than some high quality wet food and takes less time than driving to our local pet food store.  And this is only about half of what she eats in a day – the rest is kibble and duck treats.

Ada’s Pupcakes

The recipe originally came from another dog owner who said she got it from her vet.  Her recipe called for baking it in two loaf pans for 60 minutes, cutting it into slices, wrapping the slices in foil, and freezing.  Cupcakes are much faster and easier.

1/4 lb chicken liver cut into dime-size chunks

1 1/4 lb ground turkey (dark thigh meat if you can find it)

2 eggs

1 lb chopped spinach (frozen is ok if you thaw it)

2 carrots, grated (about 1/2 lb)

1 cup + 2 Tbsp rolled oats

1 Tbsp multi vitamin powder

2 tsp calcium powder

Preheat oven to 350.  Put 14 foil cupcake wrappers in cupcake tins.

Mix all ingredients with your hands.  Grab a large handful of the mixture and form it into a ball and plop it in a cupcake wrapper.  Repeat to fill 14 wrappers. (The mixture should divide evenly into the 14 wrappers and they don’t rise or shink in baking if that gives you an idea of the size.)

Bake for 35 minutes.  Cool in pans on a wire rack.  Once cool, put a few in a tupperware in the fridge (they are safe to keep in the refrigerator for 3 days) and put the rest in a ziplock bag in the freezer (move to fridge to thaw ~24 hrs before serving).

Remove wrapper before serving.

**I am not a vet nor a nutritionist.  Please consult your vet before changing your dogs diet.**

Aug 10

Best Dog Toy Ever

I never would have recognized this as the best dog toy ever before I had a dog.

And it's only $5! Woo!

It may look silly, but this here is the best toy because it is all Ada’s favorite toys in one.  It is a tug rope, a tennis ball, and a rattle*.  She plays tug with it; she plays fetch with it; and she plays shake-the-living-daylights-out-of-it.

* Technically ours doesn’t have a rattle anymore because Ada tore open the head and ripped it out (earning her the nickname Zombie Dog).  But it’s a much quieter toy now so we’re not really upset about it.

Apr 10

The “Inconveniences” of Dog Ownership

When you first get a pet dog, your life will go through some big changes.

With everything you do, you have to figure out what you’re going to do with the dog. Leave her at home? Take her to a sitter?  Bring her with?  Is she even allowed at this event?

Couch Pup

Ada at home.

And then you also end up thinking about what your dog needs. Does she need to eat?  Does she need to pee?  Does she need some exercise, socialization, education?

At Puppy School

Ada at puppy school.

No doubt, it’s a big life change.  (My mom jokes that “it’s good training” because I guess this is a lot like parenthood, but about 10 times easier.)  We go to parks and beaches every weekend.  We rarely eat in restaurants.  And on the rare evening that we do “go out”, we only stay out for a few hours.


Ada on a walk.

We also eat lunch outside almost everyday (which in my opinion is hardly an inconvenience).


Ada at lunch in the park across the street from my office.

All in all, I think Ada has just encouraged us to live a more active outdoorsy life.  And I think we’re better and happier because of it.

Aug 09

What’s in a name?

If we decide to register Ada with the American Kennel Club then we have to chose a long unique, and often silly, name.


"Top Producer in the US for the year 2004!"

Ada's Grandpa Pan was the Fabio of Havanese.

The only requirements are that it start with “Colina’s” and be no more than 36 characters. Here are a few we’ve thought up:

  • Colina’s Princess Ada Banana
  • Colina’s Itty Bitty Polar Bear
  • Colina’s Lazy Little Lump
  • Colina’s Señorita Pantalones Vellosos (too long, but means roughly Little Miss Fluffy Pants)


Jul 09

Pet Dogs on SF Muni, BART, Caltrain

Pet dogs are not allowed Caltrain, however both San Francisco Muni and BART allow pet dogs to ride with a few restrictions.

Snoozer TotePet dogs on BART:

  • must be in a container (or bag?)

Pet dogs on SF Muni:

  • cannot ride during rushhour (weekdays 5-9 am and 3-7 pm)
  • must be muzzled and leashed
  • require fair equal to the owner’s ($2)

I’ve never seen anyone pay fair for a dog or be turned away during rushhour, but it’s probably not worth the risk.

I’ve started feeling really annoyed by all the rules about where dogs can and cannot go.  I feel like most rules were designed to control large aggressive dogs so the rules just seem silly when applied to Ada.  A muzzle?  Seriously?

Jun 09

Doggy Bloggy!

A great read if you are thinking about getting a dog.

We’re finally ready to get a puppy.

After filling out numerous Puppy Questionaires — with such questions as “For how long have you researched on the Havanese breed?” and “How do you imagine a dog fitting into your lifestyle?” and “What do you feed your dogs?” — we’re now arranging for our first meet-and-greet, and I can’t help but feel like we’re courting.

Most of the breeders are also very clear that they hope you’ll stay in touch.  They want to know how their pup is doing and even hope you’ll come back and visit someday.  So we decided it would be fun to start a blog that’s all about the pup; making it easy to stay in touch and keeping all our puppy-craziness confined to one place on the internet.  Obviously the internet can’t have too many sites dedicated to cute animals.

OMG, in a few weeks we could have our very own puppy! PUPPY!