Dec 12

Merry Christmas!

From Ada and Teddy

Jan 10


Last Sunday we took Ada to a meetup of the SF Havanese.

There were about 25 dogs in attendance...

....including Ada's littermate Teddy.

As puppies Ada (left) and Teddy (right) looked nearly identical...

...and as you can see...

...not much has changed except hair-dos.

Teddy has amazingly soft and fluffy hair, which has inspired me to try growing Ada's out a little longer.

Aug 09

Havanese Meetup

Thanks to the Havanese Flickr Pool we found out about a Havanese Meetup that happens every Sunday in San Francisco. This week we met at Ocean Beach and there was a great turn out — about 15 Havanese in a full range of colors, sizes, and ages (though Ada was the youngest).

So many fluffy doggies!

So many fluffy doggies!

It was really fun to see Ada prance around and play with all the other dogs. The Havanese have a unique low key but bouncy temperament and Ada really looked much more comfortable and confident with this group than she has with other dogs (who either ignore her or overwhelm her).

Ada is front center stiffing (hopefully not eating) sand.

Ada (front center) stiffing, hopefully not eating, a sand dollar.


The humans were also really nice - offering advise and reminiscing about when their dogs were puppies.

Although Ada needed a serious bath afterward, I think this meetup will be a regular event for us. So fun!