Nov 12


A squatter has taken over @jhebert 's desk during his vacation. Unfortunately the code she writes is truly unintelligible. #macpup

Feb 12

Why did my monitor just turn off?

Not a good idea to put the dog bed so close to the surge protector.

Feb 12

Little Beggar

If only she knew it was just a salad.

Jul 11


I got an incredible deal on a giant bag of “happy cow” beef liver dog treats from Prather Ranch (they have great standards for humane farm animal care and they make delicious jerky).

As you can see I am not the only one who's excited about this purchase.

Ada can't wait to dig in!


Sep 10

Ada the Ripper (and Tearer)

I’ve mentioned Ada’s destructo-tendencies once or twice before.  It’s probably a bit harsh to compare her to a serial killer*, but a serial toy destroyer she certainly is!

Here we find a common scene:

The Evidence

What was once a favorite toy lays now abandoned, dismembered and gutted.

The Accused

Ada appears remorseful of her destructive actions.

Not So Innocent

Maybe not. "Nommy toy guts... Mmmmmm."

* To my knowledge, the only living thing she ever killed was a tiny spider.  And I’m not even sure if it was really dead or just playing dead.

Aug 10

Best Dog Toy Ever

I never would have recognized this as the best dog toy ever before I had a dog.

And it's only $5! Woo!

It may look silly, but this here is the best toy because it is all Ada’s favorite toys in one.  It is a tug rope, a tennis ball, and a rattle*.  She plays tug with it; she plays fetch with it; and she plays shake-the-living-daylights-out-of-it.

* Technically ours doesn’t have a rattle anymore because Ada tore open the head and ripped it out (earning her the nickname Zombie Dog).  But it’s a much quieter toy now so we’re not really upset about it.

Apr 10

Venus Pup

The other night we were all lounging on the couch, probably watching TV or playing a game. When I noticed Ada in this pose, I quickly snapped a crappy photo on my iphone before cracking up (and causing her to rearrange).

Venus Pup

Ada imitates the Venus of Urbino.

Our pup has no idea how renaissance-sexy she is.

Feb 10


Ada's been a bit of a grumpy pants the last few weeks.

Oct 09

Mucky Pup!

Ada has been hiking with us before.  And while she has got pretty messy in the past–rolling around in leaves and what-not–I don’t think either of us fully anticipated her reaction to walking in the forests of Northern Washington.

It was quite damp in the forest and raining intermittently.  This meant that Ada quickly became rather bedraggled.  For some reason, unbeknownst to us, she would stop every 100m or so and either lie down or roll her face in the floor.  This in turn caused her hair to become full of sticks and leaves, which would make her roll around more as she tried to get them off her.  Not the smartest of pups, it would seem.

Click through to view it large

1. Lie down or roll.
2. Pick out the big bits.
3. Keep on picking.
4. Try again.

Needless to say, we cut the walk short.  But by the end of it we managed to keep her walking straight by giving her with treats every 30-seconds or so.

Sep 09

Destructo Pup

Ada hates toilet paper.

Ada and the Loo Roll

Or maybe she loves it.

The Artist and Her Work

She certainly loves to destroy it.