Jul 09

Escape Hatch

We bought a carrier for Ada so that we can bring her on BART as part of the morning commute to work.  We also use it in the car because it’s much safer than holding her on a lap.  Usually she settles down quickly and happily in the bag. But today she really wanted to get out, furiously digging and scratching and biting at all the corners of the bag.

The bag features a little Pet Connect zipper that is just big enough for us to reach in a pet her “without the threat of escape”.  But to our Ada that is just a challenge!

Let me out!

Once she discovered this potential exit...


...she tried to squeeze her whole body out!

Luckily we were able to put her back inside and zip up the “escape hatch” so we could all have a safe ride home.

Jul 09

Golden Gate Park

Mucky Pup

Ada seemed to think it would be increadibly fun to roll around face first in the dirt.

Jul 09

Grass Stained Paws

When white puppies play in freshly cut grass…

Grass Stained Paw