Oct 12

Biker Pup

A while back I bought a special backpack for carrying Ada when I bike. It’s really comfortable for both of us and I think Ada actually enjoys the ride.

Dan took this video over the weekend when we were riding home from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival at Golden Gate Park.

Mar 12

Evening Stroll

Out for an evening sniff

Mar 12

Rain Coat

We received a proper little wax jacket for Ada when she was just a pup.

Today we finally got around to trying it out.

It was raining pretty hard.

After 30 minutes she was pretty drenched.

But where the coat covered she stayed quite dry (see fluffy back fur).

Still, I think she'd rather we just stayed in bed today.


Feb 12


I just bought a new bag that will allow me to safely carry Ada on my bicycle: the Muttmover Backpack by Timbuk2.

Ada is just a bit too long to lay down...


...but she can sit comfortably with her head poking out.


The pack feels really secure so we tried riding in a nearby park.


I plan to practice a bit more so we’re both really used to it before I ride with her in traffic. But I am so excited to someday take her on a ride to Ocean Beach!

Feb 12

Little Beggar

If only she knew it was just a salad.

Jan 12

Outdoorsy Pup

You might not guess it from her fluffy white appearance, but Ada loves hiking.

Taking a little rest on a rock near Kent Lake, CA.

Oct 11

Powerpuff Pup

On a drive back from Sausalito/Tiburon we stopped at this roadside pumpkin patch.  Not only did they have loads of pumpkins, carving tools, and a bouncy castle, they also had a bunch of plywood cartoon cutouts.  So we snapped a quick photo:

I think Ada really nailed the expression for Bubbles*.



Oct 11

Greetings From San Francisco!

The weather is beautiful. Wish you were here.

Sep 11


A few weeks ago we took a walk down to the new UCSF campus in Mission Bay. We found this really nice little park, with long lush green grass. While there I sneakily took some video of Tessa doing tricks with Ada.

Jun 11

Soggy Pup

Unlike other rainy days, today I decided to brave the rain and walk to work.

Ada was not too fond of the rain -

not when it dripped off her nose

and especially not when I made her pose for the camera.

Fortunately my office is nice and cozy.