Jun 11


Ada has a new friend at work.


Muppet, the poodle with an awesome pink mohawk.


I can’t help but wonder how Ada would look with a similar dye-job.

Mar 11

Happy Reunion

After nearly a week at Colina Havanese (while Dan heli-boarded in Alaska and I explored Portland), Ada had a heartfelt …

Happy Reunion

and happy

Happy Pup

and panty


and slobbery

… reunion with her pack.



Feb 11

A Hike in Marin

On Saturday we took Ada on an 8-mile hike in the Marin Headlands (an area that may become closed to dogs if the GGNRA’s proposed changes go through).

The weather was perfect and the views spectacular.

Despite the steep ups and downs...

Ada did really well.

(Except one particularly intense section when Dan gave her a lift.)

The Marin Headlands is one of few areas near San Francisco where you can take a hike with your dog. A few trails even allow dogs to walk off-leash if they are under voice control (which is a much more comfortable and relaxed way to hike since you won’t be constantly tripping over a tangled leash).

During our hike we passed by about a dozen other dogs on the trail. Unsurprisingly, ALL of them were politely trotting along a step of two behind their humans. I didn’t see one canine that was threatening the environment or anyone’s enjoyment of it. When this is the situation a vast majority of the time, it just doesn’t make sense why the GGNRA thinks dog-access needs to be restricted.

Feb 11

A Weekend with Petra

While Dan and I hit the slopes, Ada spent the weekend with our friend Petra, who was so kind to send us many cute photo updates.

in the car.

at work.

in the photo booth. (Looks like we need to brush Ada's teeth more often!)

on a pee pad. (Apparently she has forgotten what those are for...)

in camouflage.

in a comfortable position?

Needlesstosay, we were pretty excited to get these cute updates throughout the weekend. Thanks Petra!

Dec 10

Snow Pup

An unseasonal snowstorm in Seattle meant Ada got to play in the snow for the first time over Thanksgiving.

I expected her to dislike it since she hates getting wet.

But to my surprise, she loved it.

Oct 10

(Not Quite An) Agility Pup

For my birthday Dan got me two lessons with Kathleen of Heart Dog Agility and an overnight in the Santa Cruz Hilton.

Princess Ada could get used to this.

We had lessons with Kathleen on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  Since Ada is just a beginner so we just learned some basics including how to effectively train using a clicker.

We started off with Target Training which helps Ada learn to interact with her environment to get a reward.

Ada gets a treat for touching the target with her nose.

Ada gets a treat for walking to and then touching the target.

Then I had to get her to stand in a box without luring or gesturing.  She just had to try things and see what would be rewarded.

First she gets a treat just for touching the box.

Next she gets a treat for stepping into the box.

Finally she gets a jackpot (3 or 4 treats) for standing all feet in the box.

We finished off with Kathleen helping Ada overcome her fear of walking through a tube.

Ada weighs her fear of the tube against the deliciousness of hot dog.

Although Ada has a long way to go before she’s an agility champ, I think we’re all excited to learn more and it was terrifically fun.  What a great birthday!

UPDATE: Something to aspire to: National Finals Small Dog Agility Course (video) and National Finals Large Dog Agility Course (video)

Aug 10

Glen Canyon

A while back Ada and I took a short hike in Glen Canyon.  The canyon is so lush and dense that it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of the city.

Rest Stop 1

This particular spring day was pretty warm...

Rest Stop 2 & 3

...so we took lots breaks to rest and hydrate.

Apr 10

The “Inconveniences” of Dog Ownership

When you first get a pet dog, your life will go through some big changes.

With everything you do, you have to figure out what you’re going to do with the dog. Leave her at home? Take her to a sitter?  Bring her with?  Is she even allowed at this event?

Couch Pup

Ada at home.

And then you also end up thinking about what your dog needs. Does she need to eat?  Does she need to pee?  Does she need some exercise, socialization, education?

At Puppy School

Ada at puppy school.

No doubt, it’s a big life change.  (My mom jokes that “it’s good training” because I guess this is a lot like parenthood, but about 10 times easier.)  We go to parks and beaches every weekend.  We rarely eat in restaurants.  And on the rare evening that we do “go out”, we only stay out for a few hours.


Ada on a walk.

We also eat lunch outside almost everyday (which in my opinion is hardly an inconvenience).


Ada at lunch in the park across the street from my office.

All in all, I think Ada has just encouraged us to live a more active outdoorsy life.  And I think we’re better and happier because of it.

Apr 10

Ada Smells Horses!

On a recent trip to the beach, I spotted some horses in the distance.  Ada didn’t see them but when she caught the scent on their foot prints she went nuts!

Feb 10

Cherry Blossoms

Today, while out on a lovely spring walk, Ada looked up at me with this face:

Cherry Blossoms

Looks like someone's been sniffing (chomping?) the cherry blossoms.