Jan 14

Christmas Present

made with Google Photos

Mar 13


Mostly it’s a lot of bouncing and bubble-chomping.  But at about 0:55 she realizes she can chomp the bubbles right when they come off the wand (and then at about 1:00 she licks the camera).  The video ends suddenly when a bubble lands unfortunately close to the camera and she crashes into it.

Jan 12

Sparring Pups

This week Ada is visiting her littermate Teddy. Here’s a little video we got from Teddy’s family:

Apparently they do this all day long.

Oct 11

Cap’n Ada

Ada didn’t have a Halloween costume this year.  (I don’t think she was very disappointed.)  But I did take these snaps of her playing dress-up (ok, me playing dress-up) at our friend Craig’s birthday party a few weeks ago.

Aww, she almost looks like she likes it.

Shakes the hat off in 3...2...1...


Jun 11


Ada has a new friend at work.


Muppet, the poodle with an awesome pink mohawk.


I can’t help but wonder how Ada would look with a similar dye-job.

Apr 11

The Bean Bag

Ada love bean bags.  She loves to pounce in them and roll in them and lounge in them.

If she spots a bean bag across the room, she will yank to the extent of hear leash and pull sled-dog-style toward it. Some kind people who work down the hall gave Ada their bean bag so now it’s in my office and she can play bean bag whenever she wants.

We finally have managed to capture a clip of this silly behavior thanks to Rebecca‘s quick camera skills.

Mar 11

Missing Her Human

Whenever Dan goes out of town Ada really misses him.

Looking for Dan

She drags me to all the places where we usually meet him (the grassy areas at work)

Looking for Dan

and searches the horizon for him.

Looking for Dan

It very sweet and a little heartbreaking.

Dec 10

Snow Pup

An unseasonal snowstorm in Seattle meant Ada got to play in the snow for the first time over Thanksgiving.

I expected her to dislike it since she hates getting wet.

But to my surprise, she loved it.

Sep 10

Ada the Ripper (and Tearer)

I’ve mentioned Ada’s destructo-tendencies once or twice before.  It’s probably a bit harsh to compare her to a serial killer*, but a serial toy destroyer she certainly is!

Here we find a common scene:

The Evidence

What was once a favorite toy lays now abandoned, dismembered and gutted.

The Accused

Ada appears remorseful of her destructive actions.

Not So Innocent

Maybe not. "Nommy toy guts... Mmmmmm."

* To my knowledge, the only living thing she ever killed was a tiny spider.  And I’m not even sure if it was really dead or just playing dead.

Aug 10

Best Dog Toy Ever

I never would have recognized this as the best dog toy ever before I had a dog.

And it's only $5! Woo!

It may look silly, but this here is the best toy because it is all Ada’s favorite toys in one.  It is a tug rope, a tennis ball, and a rattle*.  She plays tug with it; she plays fetch with it; and she plays shake-the-living-daylights-out-of-it.

* Technically ours doesn’t have a rattle anymore because Ada tore open the head and ripped it out (earning her the nickname Zombie Dog).  But it’s a much quieter toy now so we’re not really upset about it.