Apr 10

Bouncing Pups

Ada and I happened upon a fluffy pup tied up just outside the gym at work.

Much bouncing ensued.

Apr 10

Ada Smells Horses!

On a recent trip to the beach, I spotted some horses in the distance.  Ada didn’t see them but when she caught the scent on their foot prints she went nuts!

Feb 10

Fort FUNston

We love Fort Funston so much that we drive out there almost every weekend. Not only is it photogenic and peaceful, it’s also very dog-friendly (off leash!), so Ada completely wears herself out!

Basking on the Beach

Ada relaxes while Dan takes photos.

Ada explores Fort Funston

Ada explores the rocks.

Oct 09

Beach Pup

Ada loves the beach.  So when we started planning a get together with friends at a beach house near Sequim, Washington, there was no question that Ada would join us.

Ada loves the beach

Torn by her dislike of water and her love of stinky things.



Zoom in for a closer look at that nonchalant expression:

Zoom on Ada in the Distance

"You called?"

Aug 09

Hi Puppy!

A few weeks ago I mistakenly ran my pocket-size camera through the washing machine (I blame puppy-induced sleep deprivation). Unsurprisingly the camera did not survive. Luckily, Dan was able to recover the photos and videos from the data card.

Since we’ll be away for about a week more (and thus no new Ada footage), here’s a rescued video of a crazy Ada greeting (pre-haircut).

Aug 09

Running in circles

Ada’s first outing to Ocean Beach a couple of weekends ago.

Jul 09


Earlier today Tessa, Ada and I got in the car and drove over the Golden Gate to the Marin Headlands. We wanted a walk on dog-friendly trails and I wanted to get some shots for my weekly photo assignment.  Ada was pretty pooped by the time we got up to the old battery bunker, but not too tired to join in while I jumped around like an idiot taking photos of myself.

Super-dan and Hover-dog come in for landing.

Super-dan and Hover-dog come in for landing.



Jul 09

New Toy

Both Dan and I felt like Ada was seeming bored at work so we decided to get her a new chewtoy.

She sort of likes her Kong when it’s stuffed with treats, but rather than chew on it to get the treats out, she just licks at them for a few minutes and then moves on to chewing on something else. We wanted to get a toy that’s a little easier, so we took her to the chewtoy section of Petsmart to see what she likes. We ended up getting some nylabones, a red Hol-ee Roller ball (because she can carry it easily), a flavored tug-of-war rope (so we can teach her not to play tug-of-war with everything else), and some new treats.

The Perfect Chewtoy

The perfect toy didn’t emerge until we got home with everything and realized that the new treats (chicken chips) are just barely bigger than the holes in the Hol-ee Roller – a perfect pry-the-treat-out-of-the-chewtoy challenge! Success was almost instant. The new toy is rolly and rubbery and carryable. The new treats are novel and exciting.

I only worry that it is a little too frustrating (she huffs and puffs constantly with this thing). She has managed to get one treat out on her own (and we’ve pried out a few out of mercy), so maybe it’s a good level of frustration/interest?  I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Ada wrestles with her Holee Roller.

Update: After about an hour with the new toy she started ripping at the fabric of her bed and whining.  So I put the new toy on my desk to give her a break. Ten minutes later she’s fast asleep.  New toy too frustrating?

Jul 09

To Destroy a Shoebox

Ada discovered an abandoned shoebox under my desk and is determined to tear it to bits.  She usually has about three rounds with it each day (followed by a long naps), but I’ll bet it takes her a good month to completely destroy it.

Ada vs Shoebox Part 1: What’s that noise?

Ada vs Shoebox Part 2: With Vigor!

Jul 09

Golden Gate Park

Mucky Pup

Ada seemed to think it would be increadibly fun to roll around face first in the dirt.