Sep 11


Someone forgot to pull her tongue back in.

Mar 11

Hello Nose!

I am such a sucker for animal nose close ups.



Nov 10


Ada will be really sad if you forget to vote.

May 10

Doggy Fros

I’m taking Ada to the groomer in a few minutes.

Hopefully she doesn't come back looking like this.

Feb 10

Test 2

Another Buzz test, faked to be from Tessa.

In the bean bag

Feb 10

Test 1

Just testing that Buzz picks up posts from me and not Tessa. Here’s a happy dog picture for you.

Happy Dog

Aug 09

Cutest Dog

If you read this blog then you probably already know that Ada is the cutest dog. But the whole world may not know yet so we’ve entered her in the Cutest Dog Competition.

Ada's page in the Cutest Dog Competition

Please vote for Ada!

P.S. If you see “You can vote once per day. Come back tomorrow!” instead of a Vote button, it’s because someone at your IP (maybe someone at your work?) has already voted. So try voting from your smartphone/pda or your home computer.

P.P.S If Ada wins (however unlikely) we’ll donate the winnings to the SPCA.

Jun 09

Why we chose the name Ada

1. It sounds good when you call it across the yard.


2. It’s only three letters long so it easily fits on a name tag.


Excerpt from 'Chrysanthemum' by Kevin Henkes, a fantastic book.

3. It’s the name of one of Dan’s favorite songs.

4. It’s an alternative spelling for Adah, the name of a great character in one of Tessa’s favorite books.


Four sisters growing up as missionaries in the Congo...

5. It’s the name the first computer programmer (thanks Craig).

Turns out the first 'computer programmer' was a lady!

6. Etc.

And it’s not too different from ‘Sadie’ which is what she’s been called for the last 14 weeks.