Mar 12

Home Alone

We were curious what Ada does when we’re out, so I set a camera up to take photos every 5-seconds.

Mar 12

Just Right

The first bed was too big, the second too small.  But the third bed,

it was just right.

Feb 12

Why did my monitor just turn off?

Not a good idea to put the dog bed so close to the surge protector.

Feb 12

New Couches: Pup Approved

It’s no secret that Ada was very fond of our old couch.

So when we recently replaced it, ...

... we were curious how she would adjust to the change.

I think it safe to say she's adjusted just fine.

In fact, you might say she's (literally) quite attached.

Dec 11

Good Morning Pup

Snoozing in the morning light.

Dec 11

Ada After Dentist

Today Ada had her teeth cleaned at the vet.

Although it’s not surgery and she didn’t need any teeth extracted, it’s a pretty big deal because they use anethesia. Fortunately it went really well.  There were no complications and now her breath smells great!

But she's still a pretty worn out from the anesthesia.

And she has a cute little shaved spot on her paw from the IV site.

(I think she feels quite a bit better than David After Dentist.)

Nov 11

A Dog Bed with a View

I recently moved to a new location at work so Ada has a new spot to lounge all day.

Ada lounging under my new desk.

It looks like a pretty comfy spot.

Ada on her fluffy yellow pillow - thanks Ojan and Julie!

It even has a pretty nice view:

Ada's view of Rincon Park on San Francisco Bay.

But to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure she really appreciates it.  Mostly she just sleeps.


And tries to convince me to give her treats.

Mind-control pup will you to give her treats.

Sep 11

Lazy Sunday

Today is another one of those lazy days.

We woke up just enough to relocate from bed to couch.

At some point I supposed we should get our day started.

But honestly, it's pretty nice just hanging out right here.

Jul 11

Sleepy Pups

So this photo isn’t actually from today.

But this is basically what today looked like.


Jun 11

Soggy Pup

Unlike other rainy days, today I decided to brave the rain and walk to work.

Ada was not too fond of the rain -

not when it dripped off her nose

and especially not when I made her pose for the camera.

Fortunately my office is nice and cozy.