May 11

Rainy Day Pup

It’s cold and rainy today so I decided to work from home rather walk 30 minutes to the office.

Working From Home

Ada did NOT do a very good job encouraging me to get off the couch.


So cuddly.


So warm.

Working From Home

Let's just stay here all day.


Mar 11

Happy Reunion

After nearly a week at Colina Havanese (while Dan heli-boarded in Alaska and I explored Portland), Ada had a heartfelt …

Happy Reunion

and happy

Happy Pup

and panty


and slobbery

… reunion with her pack.



Feb 11

A Weekend with Petra

While Dan and I hit the slopes, Ada spent the weekend with our friend Petra, who was so kind to send us many cute photo updates.

in the car.

at work.

in the photo booth. (Looks like we need to brush Ada's teeth more often!)

on a pee pad. (Apparently she has forgotten what those are for...)

in camouflage.

in a comfortable position?

Needlesstosay, we were pretty excited to get these cute updates throughout the weekend. Thanks Petra!

Dec 10

Nugget Dog

There is something I love so much about how Ada sleeps curled up like a little nugget when the weather gets cold.

Nugget Dog

And I especially love that she’s cuddled up with Dan’s hat.

Cudding with Dan's Hat

I just want to jump in and snuggle my nose right under that ear. Must resist!

Sleepy Pup Close Up

Oops I woke her up!

Oh hai!

I guess she’s still pretty cute when she’s awake. Snuggle time!

Feb 10

Kitty dog

Kitty Dog

Or puppy cat?

No matter what you call her, Ada is a dog that occasionally acts like a cat.

  1. One of her favorite toys is little ball with a bell in it.
  2. She loves to steal cat food at my parent’s house.
  3. Her favorite sleeping spot on the couch is up on the back.
Ada's Favorite Spot

Luckily she's little enough to fit.

Feb 10

Furry Slug

Look at the like a giant furry slug that crawled into my office this evening!

Furry Slug

Figure 1: Slugimus Furrius

I hope it doesn’t eat up my violets.

Oct 09

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Ada

Aug 09

Exposed Feet

Ada does not like to lay with her feet under her body.

I present you with the evidence (in chronological order):

Flat Dog

5 July 2009 13:37

Flat Dog

7 July 2009 12:54

Ada + Holee Roller

2 August 2009 15:39

Doggy Splits

7 August 2009 22:10

But really who is suffering because of this crime? ┬áIf I had feet that cute I’d be showing them off all the time too!

Aug 09

No one naps like Ada naps

Sleeping Cap Ada

A perfect fit.

No one naps like Ada naps

Ada got into this position all on her own.

Aug 09

Puppy Teeth

Puppies, just like humans, get two sets of teeth during their life. The second set comes in when they are about 5 month old. Ada is nearly 5-months old. In the last week she has lost about 8 teeth, all in front.

Sleepy Tongue

I haven’t been surprised that all these teeth coming in and out makes her want to chew on EVERYTHING. (Lucky for us, her favorites are inexpensive disposable plastic bottles, berry containers, etc.) But it cracks me up that she’s always got her tongue sticking out! I guess there just aren’t any teeth there to hold it in :P