Jan 14

Christmas Present

made with Google Photos

Dec 13

Pup-stagram Video

New haircut #macpup

Aug 13

Pup-stagram Video

Eyes on the prize #macpup

Mar 13


Mostly it’s a lot of bouncing and bubble-chomping.  But at about 0:55 she realizes she can chomp the bubbles right when they come off the wand (and then at about 1:00 she licks the camera).  The video ends suddenly when a bubble lands unfortunately close to the camera and she crashes into it.

Oct 12

Biker Pup

A while back I bought a special backpack for carrying Ada when I bike. It’s really comfortable for both of us and I think Ada actually enjoys the ride.

Dan took this video over the weekend when we were riding home from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival at Golden Gate Park.

Mar 12

Home Alone

We were curious what Ada does when we’re out, so I set a camera up to take photos every 5-seconds.

Jan 12

Sparring Pups

This week Ada is visiting her littermate Teddy. Here’s a little video we got from Teddy’s family:

Apparently they do this all day long.

Sep 11


A few weeks ago we took a walk down to the new UCSF campus in Mission Bay. We found this really nice little park, with long lush green grass. While there I sneakily took some video of Tessa doing tricks with Ada.

May 11

Pea Pup

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk munching on some fresh sugar snap peas, when I looked down to see a curious pup staring up at me.

Turns out Ada likes peas (but not the pods).

Apr 11

The Bean Bag

Ada love bean bags.  She loves to pounce in them and roll in them and lounge in them.

If she spots a bean bag across the room, she will yank to the extent of hear leash and pull sled-dog-style toward it. Some kind people who work down the hall gave Ada their bean bag so now it’s in my office and she can play bean bag whenever she wants.

We finally have managed to capture a clip of this silly behavior thanks to Rebecca‘s quick camera skills.