Aug 10

Best Dog Toy Ever

I never would have recognized this as the best dog toy ever before I had a dog.

And it's only $5! Woo!

It may look silly, but this here is the best toy because it is all Ada’s favorite toys in one.  It is a tug rope, a tennis ball, and a rattle*.  She plays tug with it; she plays fetch with it; and she plays shake-the-living-daylights-out-of-it.

* Technically ours doesn’t have a rattle anymore because Ada tore open the head and ripped it out (earning her the nickname Zombie Dog).  But it’s a much quieter toy now so we’re not really upset about it.

Jun 10

Welcome home

With Ada being over a year old now, she’s at a stage where she can be left for a few hours without us needing to worry much (i.e. no barking, howling, peeing, or chewing of furniture). She still gets crazy excited when we get home though.

Here’s a video from when we got back from Dim Sum at the weekend:

Apr 10

Bouncing Pups

Ada and I happened upon a fluffy pup tied up just outside the gym at work.

Much bouncing ensued.

Apr 10

Ada Smells Horses!

On a recent trip to the beach, I spotted some horses in the distance.  Ada didn’t see them but when she caught the scent on their foot prints she went nuts!

Feb 10

Fort FUNston

We love Fort Funston so much that we drive out there almost every weekend. Not only is it photogenic and peaceful, it’s also very dog-friendly (off leash!), so Ada completely wears herself out!

Basking on the Beach

Ada relaxes while Dan takes photos.

Ada explores Fort Funston

Ada explores the rocks.

Jan 10

Peanut Butter Tongue

Oct 09

Sleepy Pup

Sleepy Ada

Aug 09


[More recovered photos and videos.]

Ada is ridiculously curious and it can be really fun trying to see the world through her eyes.

Here she watches Dan set up this shot; moments later scampering over to investigate properly.

What is he up to?

And here is an endearing little “sniff, sniff” of the camera from earlier that day.

Sigh. I miss my puppy. Just one more sleep until we pick her up!

Aug 09

Hi Puppy!

A few weeks ago I mistakenly ran my pocket-size camera through the washing machine (I blame puppy-induced sleep deprivation). Unsurprisingly the camera did not survive. Luckily, Dan was able to recover the photos and videos from the data card.

Since we’ll be away for about a week more (and thus no new Ada footage), here’s a rescued video of a crazy Ada greeting (pre-haircut).

Aug 09

Ada and Peanut

We haven’t seen Ada play with other dogs like this.

Ada’s breeders were at this week’s Havanese meetup. They brought Dexter, Ada’s brother, and Peanut, who was born 3-days before from a different mother. Dexter wasn’t very sociable, but Ada and Peanut got on like a house-on-fire.

We’re leaving for England on Thursday and Ada’s staying with the breeders. After seeing Ada and Peanut play, Tessa’s feeling much more comfortable with leaving her little pup.